Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

May 9-10, 2015, San Francisco

Noisebridge, Sudo Room, Mozilla SF

Come and make something we will all regret.

Completed hacks!

Hacks are arranged in no particular order. If you'd like to edit the description, image, link, or contact info for your hack, contact

Thanks to everyone who worked on a project, attended the presentations, or just stopped by at some point over the weekend. Support your local hackerspace!

In the press


by Arlen Abraham, Sarah Tappon, and Andrew Kurtz

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  • Step 1: tweet #disrupt
  • Step 2: ???
  • Step 3:


by Julia West and Devin Brady

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"Finally a way to listen to music on your phone."

eBook Reader

by Marina

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by Colleen Josephson


by Greyson Parrelli, Michael Toth, Ben Chen, Heidi Muth, Sasha Sheng and Jacqueline Huang

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The enterprise chat solution.


by James Halliday

Watch the demo!

Watch the demo!

Astrology-as-a-service (AAAS).

turn down

by Michael Toth

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by Joel and Steve

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Download data, straight to your device!


by David Zafrani

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Zippable Banana

by Will Doenlen

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Browse with Friends!

by Elliott Thoreby

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The Twonic

by Logan Williams

Some people wear short sleeved shirts. Some people like long sleeves. And some people prefer extra long sleeves.

Cardboard sunglasses

by Torrey Nommesen and Pearl Lee

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The Crocker

by Sina Khanifar

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The milkshake, reinvented.

Meat Circuit Simulator

by Abram

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Fake Robot Snowden

by Erin, Matt, Katie, Jon and Rich

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by Freddy Dopfel, James Young, Ning Wan and Bobi Rakova

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by Trav Fryer

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One dimensional CAD software.


by Rich Jones

GNU Pricing

by Daniel Roesler

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Bishounen Steve Jobs Romance Novel iPhone App to Learn Algorithms

by Romy

Urban camouflage

by Robert Han

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by Mike Mintz and Michael Huang

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Caffeinate Yourself

by Stephanie Rosales & Martha Feiler

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Toilette Paper Origami

by Juan


by Alex Peake

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by Wyatt Hepler, Kurt Hepler, Joshua Essex, Clementine Jacoby, Taylor Jacoby

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Everything you don't want to know about anything.

You Are Here

by Christa Hartsock

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by Christina Bengtsson

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ambient iphone light for use when listening to music at night

by Wilson Zhao

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Dude it's literally just an ambient light lol

The Unbrella

by Claudia Vilardy and Dustin Selman

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Cyborg Tx-1 Mk III

by Nevyn Bengtsson

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by Chris Varenhorst

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Laziest Susan

by Lynne Okada, Andrew Brandt and Rudy Gomes


by Carl Gorringe


by Benjamin Gleitzman

Hoboji are symbols to augment vacation rental sites (AirBnb, Couchsurfing, Craigslist, etc.) with supplementary information that may be taboo or possibly censored by the platforms.

Computing zero to arbitrary precision

by Kyle Miller

We present to the Academie a program which computes zero, which we will denote by z, to arbitrary precision.

Does my screen work?

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Saturday, May 9th, 2015

  • [ 12pm - 2pm: Pre-party @ Noisebridge -- GODWAFFLE NOISE PANCAKES ]
  • 2pm - 2:30pm: Hackathon kickoff! @ Noisebridge
  • 2:30pm - 11:59pm: "Hacking"! (See 'Locations' for site schedules)
  • 3pm - 5pm: Sponsor API tech talks @ Noisebridge

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

  • 12am - 2pm: "Hacking"! (See 'Locations' for site schedules)
  • 3pm - 5pm: Hackathon presentations at the Roxie!


Places to hack

Demo Day

  • The Roxie
    • 3117 16th St, San Francisco
    • 4 min walk from 16th Street BART
    • Presentations will run 3-5pm Sun


This is an independently organized event, hosted with the support of the Noisebridge community & our friends at Sudo Room / Mozilla. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or comments.

Be inspired, as we were, by the terrible and strange creations at the original (NYC) Stupid Hackathon.

We have a Facebook group! Wow.

And a page on the always-adventuresome Noisebridge wiki!

Noisebridge's anti-harassment policy will, of course, be in full effect for the duration of the hackathon. Noisebridge's community standards also provide useful guidelines one would do well to mind. Be excellent to each other.

Links for attendees

Project submission form! (requires Google account)

meatspace, for chatting with animated webcam gifs

Image credits


"Prize" "Categories"

The Stealing Economy

Quantified Not-Self

Should It Be Making That Sound?

Autonomous Human-Powered Vehicles

Targetting The "Tycoon" Space

Disrupting The Body

Hyperlocal Paranoia

Crushing Your Burn Rate


Do It By Yourself (Alone)

Delighting The Designer

Peter Thiel

Fire Means It's Working


Like React.js But For Cooks

Meat Robot

Robot Meat

Incongruous Tactility


Cause For Cancer

Monetizing The Eschaton

Flesh Skeuomorphism

Revolutionary Finance

Internet Of Things-In-Themselves

Scatological APIs

Targetting The "Hikikomori" Space

Approaching The Intertwingularity


Bitcoin-Miner Unionization


Compostable Infrastructure

Radical Self-Exclusion

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